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Dudley Wood Primary School home

Dudley Wood Primary School and Pre-School

Monday 22nd April

Dear Families, 


I have been made aware of the ongoing water issues in the areas around school. A water main in Cradley Heath has burst, meaning some properties in DY2 have experienced low pressure or no water, including Dudley Wood Road.  I have been speaking with families and staff who live closest to school. They have reported that the issue seems to have been resolved. However, the waterboard are yet to confirm that the water supply has returned and will remain as normal. 


At the moment, we are planning to open school as normal and children are expected in. 


In the morning, Mr Chance and I will be heading into school early to check how our school supply is and assess whether school can open. I will send you a text message as early as I can to inform whether we can open or not.  Should we need to close, home learning will be provided on our website or on Seesaw. Further communications will confirm this when we know for sure.


Thank you for your understanding. I wanted to give you all as much notice as possible, just in case you need to have a backup plan for childcare. 


Mr Beacham