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Dudley Wood Primary School home

Dudley Wood Primary School and Pre-School

Starting in Reception

In Reception, we have two classes of 30 children which means we have an intake of 60 Reception children each year. 


We start our transition process as early as possible, following school places being confirmed by Dudley Borough Council in April.  Please see our timeline below. 



School place accepted 


April 2023 

Invite to parent information evening 


1st May 2023 

Contact, Dietary permissions forms to be sent out with information about breakfast club and Parent Pay – Parents to bring to information evening 


1st May 2023 

House teams allocated 



Home visits/Setting visits to children 



Letters from class teacher to be sent out to children 



Parents information evening 



Invites to stay and play + transition sessions to go out 


1st July 

Stay and Play sessions 



Transition Mornings/Afternoons 


July (in line with rest of school – one morning session, one afternoon) 

Start date to go out to families (based on level of need)