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Dudley Wood Primary School and Pre-School


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At Dudley Wood, we want the children to be part of a school that is passionate about music. We want to give the children opportunities to explore music in a variety of forms; learn and develop their own musical skills; and encourage individual musical talent, passions and ambitions.

As a school, we also want to encourage Music in the wider community; working alongside Dudley Performing Arts to offer children exciting opportunities to develop their musical interests.


  • All children will receive weekly class music lessons – following the Charanga Music Scheme.
  • Class instrument sets from all musical instrument families available giving a broad range and variety of instruments for the children to explore.
  • Year 3 children will participate in whole class instrument tuition – 1 x weekly session for 1 ½ terms.
  • Small group instrument tuition for those developing an interest, or showing a flair in playing an instrument, this comes with an opportunity to join Dudley Music Education Hub Performance Groups.
  • Live music performances at school, at least once a year.
  • School music events – giving children the opportunity to perform to an audience and celebrate special events/occasions – e.g, Carol Concerts, Gala Evenings.
  • Music School Clubs – lunchtime or after school clubs, such as choir, pop up recorder group delivered by staff with musical expertise.
  • Collaborate and work alongside Dudley Performing Arts – offering children opportunities to develop their music skills, take part in special events – e.g. Dudley Schools Music Concerts.
  • Music Days/School trips to Resonance Music University – offering exciting opportunities such as… a day in a recording studio, using state of the art music technology to compose digital tracks, ‘band for a day’ experience.


The impact of the music curriculum at Dudley Wood will be measured by looking at the learning outcomes against the learning objectives. If the music curriculum is successful, the children will have discovered their own strengths and interests as a musician, and all children will have some degree of musicality. 


As successful learners, children will be able to listen to, appraise, compose, improvise and perform music. They will understand forms of musical notation and be able to sing and feel a pulse. They will be able to identify and discuss different styles and genres of music and communicate how musicians throughout time have influenced, and have been influenced by, an ever-changing world.

Characteristics of a musician

  • Develops an interest in all things ‘musical’ – rhythms, melodies, sounds, songs, musical artists, musical genres, musical instruments and much more
  • Is naturally curious and creative
  • Is motivated, dedicated and determined
  • Develops their own musical skills, striving to deepen their understanding, improve and perfect their talent
  • Listens to, plays, composes and performs music

Whole school overview