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Computers and technology are becoming an increasingly pivotal part of our pupils’ lives.  We want our pupils to embrace and utilise new technologies positively in a socially responsible and safe way in order to thrive.  At Dudley Wood it is our responsibility to make the children autonomous, independent users of technology through developing creativity, resilience and problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  The children should know when it is appropriate to use technology to create and present, as well as being digitally literate; understanding the impact of their digital footprint on themselves and others.


Our curriculum is carefully structured to develop pupils’ computational thinking concepts and approaches through a variety of unplugged [without a computer], screen or physical activities. We have discrete computing lessons taught weekly but aim to embed technology as a tool to enhance pupils’ learning across the breadth of the curriculum. 


The Computing Curriculum is comprised of three key areas of study: Computer Science; Digital Literacy and Information Technology. 


Computer Science is the foundation element of the computing curriculum. Pupils in EYFS initially write and follow algorithms, leading to programming robots around mazes to eventually, in UKS2, coding maths quizzes and a platform game using a block-based coding language [Scratch]. Pupils are encouraged to develop key computational thinking strategies such as tinkering, decomposition and debugging to ensure they become critical thinkers and apply these skills across the breadth of the curriculum. Pupils also study the hardware components of devices and how simple networks work. 


Information Technology units are designed for pupils to solve problems with the aid of technology, for instance, designing a new playground, making a story come to life through animation, editing images and audio for a meaningful purpose. We aim for pupils to leave Dudley Wood Primary School with a variety of skills across devices to enable them to make the appropriate choices when deciding how to present or solve problems with the aid of information technology. 


Digital Literacy. Pupils will learn to be responsible users of technology to engage and thrive in the digital world. It is at the forefront of all lessons and is embedded through class assemblies and e-safety days throughout the year. Pupils from EYFS to Year 6 are taught the underpinning knowledge and behaviours to be discerning users of technology so that they can be critical thinkers and be aware of who to talk to when upset or worried about what they have encountered regardless of the device, platform or app. Our curriculum is steered by the latest guidance:


The impact of the Computing curriculum will be measured by looking at the learning outcomes against the learning objectives.  The children's understanding and knowledge will be assessed through the way in which they showcase, share, celebrate and publish their work as well as through pupil voice.  The children will leave Dudley Wood with the skills to be both proficient in the use of technology whilst remaining safe. 

Characteristics of a learner in computing

  • To communicate with others safely and respectfully
  • To present information clearly, across the curriculum, using the most suitable software
  • To collect, organize and manipulate data effectively
  • To be able to code for practical and inventive purposes

Whole school overview

Knowledge Organisers

A knowledge organiser is a document that summarises the key information and essential knowledge about your child's learning.