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To be able to use technology in an ever-changing world as problem solvers, collaborators and imaginative thinkers.


The aim of the Dudley Wood Primary Computing Curriculum is to engage children with technology to help them to understand the world around them. In the fast-paced world in which we live, it is important that we equip children with the skills to explore their environment and to understand how things work. With a logical appreciation of how we live, children will be prepared for the advances in technology which will shape our future, and the ability to make judgements which aid a practical and fulfilling life. Through their time at Dudley Wood, the children will build the foundations behind the abstract concepts which underpin our modern world and to apply technology to explain and to evaluate these concepts, learning how to use technology safely and exploring the implications of an online life. With an appreciation of the UN sustainable development goals, the children will learn how technology can be a positive force for good in an uncertain future; how computing, when applied with problem solving and creativity, can aid our passage through the modern world.


The Computing curriculum is taught weekly, and the skills learnt are developed as tools to enhance the rest of the curriculum. Teaching is driven by the three areas which underpin a full understanding of a technologically aware life: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. Through Computer Science, the children will discover the foundations of technological thinking. Here, they will encounter the concepts of logic, algorithms and data representation. With an understanding of Information Technology, pupils will learn to operate computers and the various programs which can be employed to develop their understanding of the key concepts. Finally, the children will understand the implications of a technological life through Digital Literacy. How do they stay safe on line? How can they use technology in positive ways? What can technology do to solve the problems of the future? They will learn to be responsible users of all technology, to engage and thrive in the digital world. Online security is embedded in lessons, class assemblies and e-safety days. The Computing skills which will be learnt at Dudley Wood will develop children’s confidence so that they can be critical thinkers and responsible citizens who can tackle life in an ever-changing world.


Our curriculum and teachers ensure that children know that they can approach the world with confidence. They will be equipped with the technological knowledge and the thinking skills to solve problems and to apply strategies as logical and creative scholars. Technology will hold no fears for our children but, instead, it will be viewed as a positive action for change to safely light their future journeys.

  • To communicate with others safely and respectfully
  • To present information clearly, across the curriculum, using the most suitable software
  • To collect, organize and manipulate data effectively
  • To be able to code for practical and inventive purposes

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