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At Dudley Wood our aim is that during their journey through the art curriculum we deliver, the children will develop skills of drawing, painting, mixed media and digital art. That as well as developing these skills physically, they will also develop skills to design, invent and experiment. By following a process of skills the children will be able to develop the ability to communicate their own ideas, thoughts and emotions. They will gain the knowledge and confidence to express their own ideas in a range of artistic styles and materials.


We also want children to develop a deeper vocabulary in order to use visual language skills skilfully. We want our children to be able to appreciate, interpret and explain how art has changed over time and continues to change today. This will allow them to think critically about the world around them and enhance their personal, social and emotional development.


Our art curriculum has been designed to develop children’s knowledge of drawing, painting, mixed media and digital art. As the children journey through school they will use a range of materials to creativity design and make products. The children’s drawing skills will develop from an exploration of mark making to being able to draw with an awareness of composition, scale, proportion using a wide variety of drawing techniques. When painting, the children will study how painting have changed through history and learn how to mix colour shade and tones, explore creating effects that reflect the work of the artists they have studied. Through mixed media, the pupils learn how to join, manipulate and combine materials to create effects. They will confidently create structures using a variety of recycles, natural and manmade materials and objects. They will look at how to create different forms which have been influenced by the mixed media artists they have studied. In digital art, they will learn how digital media can be used to create artwork. They will learn how to manipulate and combine images digitally to communicate their own ideas.


Each year, our children will study the work of artists through time. From studying cave paintings in Year 1 to modern art in Year 6 the children will discover how past artists have left a legacy for us to be able to explore different styles and techniques. They will explore and interpret how women have influence art as they study art history and look at equality. They will also look at how modern artists are using sustainable materials in their artwork and how the children as artists can produce their own art work as a global citizen.

Pupils will also develop their own ideas by recording their observations of their own work in their sketchbook using visual language. The will make suggestions on how to make improvements to their own work and then learn how to adapt their work and explain why changes were made.


The impact of the Art curriculum will be measured by looking at the learning outcomes against the learning objectives. The children’s understanding of how to create their own artwork will be assessed through the way they present, analyse and celebrate their work. The children’s knowledge of artists will be seen to influence their own artwork and they will be able to communicate how artists throughout time have influenced and been influenced by an ever-changing world.

Characteristics of an artist

  • The ability to communicate their own knowledge and understanding of other artists and to reflect on how historical or cultural influences impact their work
  • The ability to use visual language skilfully and convincingly (for example, line, shape, pattern, colour, texture, form) to express emotions, interpret observations, convey insights and accentuate their individuality
  • The ability to develop ideas from the observations they have made from the work of others and the world around them and incorporate them into their own work
  • The ability to experiment, show curiosity and use materials, processes and techniques skilfully to realise intentions and capitalise on the unexpected
  • The ability to independently use the skills they have learnt to show originality and when creating their own artwork
  • The ability to reflect on, analyse and critically evaluate their own work and that of others

Whole school overview

Knowledge Organisers

A knowledge organiser is a document that summarises the key information and essential knowledge about your child's learning.