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Early Years Foundation Stage


Here at Dudley Wood, we know that children learn best when they are happy and actively involved in something they enjoy. Our aim is to foster their love of learning, curiosity and enthusiasm.


Our Curriculum aims to lay a secure foundation for future learning. We engage children from the very start and expect them to leave us as confident and skilful communicators who are curious about the world around them. We work in partnership with parents and carers to encourage independent, happy learners who thrive in school and reach their full potential from their various starting points. We work as a team to create a positive, caring and welcoming atmosphere where the children feel secure, yet are challenged, to achieve their best. We provide opportunities throughout our EYFS curriculum to support learning, consolidate and deepen knowledge to ensure children make good progress and meet their next steps.


Play has a serious purpose for each child in EYFS; it is their main learning tool.  Play offers a child a means of exploring and understanding the world, and their place in it.  Our activities are a balance of child-led, and carefully structured adult-led activities, that are tailored to meet each child’s individual needs.  


There has been an extensive amount of research that has been carried out over many years, about the importance of play. Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research,” and Emerson said, “Play teaches us to brainstorm and have fun in the process.”  What an amazing place to learn! 


The ways in which a child engages with other people and their environment underpin learning and development across all areas and support the child to remain an effective and motivated learner. These are called ‘Characteristics of Learning’. 


Our Foundation Stage curriculum will have been successful if all our children have made significant personal progress across all areas of learning, from their various starting points, and are ready for their transition to KS1.


The impact of our curriculum will be evidenced in the children's learning journeys which will document a range of learning opportunities and both adult-led and child-initiated activities; teacher observations; and pupil voice, all of which will demonstrate a clear progression of knowledge and skills.


The impact of the curriculum is measured through assessment against age related expectations, at regular intervals throughout the year.  Supportive interventions are put in place where needed, following the analysis of outcomes at each data entry. 


By the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage, all children will have achieved their personal best; they will have reached the expected standard of the Early Learning Goals at the end of Reception so achieving a Good level of development (GLD); and have achieved excellent progress.

Characteristics of a child in EYFS

  • Has a love of learning
  • Feels safe
  • Is inquisitive and curious
  • Asks questions and discovers their own answers
  • Is motivated and engaged
  • Has their own views and opinions
  • Takes risks
  • Thrives on a challenge
  • Has fun!

EYFS overview