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Dudley Wood Primary School and Pre-School

Accessibility Statement and Plan

Dudley Wood Primary School is committed to inclusion and equality of opportunity for all current and prospective members.


The main entrance to Dudley Wood Primary School and the Key Stage 1 entrance are both equipped with ramps for wheelchair access. The doors are not automatic but staff are available to offer assistance to gain entry to the building.


The Key Stage 2 entrance is flat (no ramp) and fitted with electrically operated doors with a key operated hold open facility. These doors are suitable for wheelchair users and larger electric wheelchairs.


The school is on two levels, although classed as single story. Nursery and one reception classroom are accessed from the main school via a few steps due to level change. This access is not suitable for wheelchairs. However, both rooms can be accessed externally as they have their own wheelchair accessible entrances. All other rooms are accessible with a maximum of one threshold step at each doorway.


Access to the dining room and sports/assembly hall is wide access doors, and means of escape from these areas is direct to fresh air fire exits.


Personal evacuation plans are prepared on arrival for any visitors requiring assisted evacuation.


There is one wheelchair accessible adult toilet located in the Key Stage 2 corridor and accessible from all parts of the school on foot and by wheelchair from all parts other than the Nursery and one reception class. The Nursey has a wheelchair accessible toilet.


Mr M Miller – Site Manager 2021

All schools are required to have an accessibility plan to:


  1. Enable pupils with disabilities to participate in the curriculum
  2. Tailor the physical environment to enable disabled pupils to take better advantage of education, benefits, facilities and services provided
  3. Improve the availability of accessible information for disabled pupils


For further details see the accessibility plan for Dudley Wood Primary School below.