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School Uniform

School Uniform at Dudley Wood Primary School - what you need to know


We are proud of our school uniform and believe that it provides a sense of belonging for our children. Our school uniform promotes our ethos and fosters a good learning environment. 


We recognise that uniform can be costly for parents and we will try to keep costs down.


We do sell branded items from our supplier, Goodies. However, we do not insist on branded uniform and we allow high-street options, such as supermarket own-label uniforms. 


The colour of our sweatshirts and cardigans are maroon.


Throughout the year, we will organise pre-loved uniform sales. 

Our Uniform Web Store Is Now Open


Our range of uniform is available to purchase online from our regular supplier, Goodies. 


Click here to go to the web store where you can create an account and order your items.


Goodies sell the following school uniform with the school logo:


Sweatshirts and cardigans

White polo shirts

Coloured PE T-shirts

Book bags


During term time there will be two deliveries of uniform each month; with orders placed between 1st and 15th being delivered by the end of the month, and orders placed after 15th delivered by the middle of the next month.


Your order will be delivered to school with your details on it, there is no charge for delivery to school.


Full details are provided in the ordering system. 

Our Uniform

  • Black shoes (not trainers)
  • Grey or black trousers (shorts in summer if preferred), skirt or pinafore dress (an alternative in summer is a pink and white or red and white checked dress)
  • White shirt or polo shirt
  • Maroon sweatshirt or jumper

For PE lessons:

  • Black pumps (suitable for indoor lessons) or suitable trainers.
  • Plain black or blue shorts / trousers
  • Coloured T-shirt to match the child's house team or a plain white t-shirt: Chainmakers are red, Miners are green, Nailmakers are yellow, Navigators are blue
  • Plain black or blue jumper or sweatshirt


For outdoor PE lessons in cold weather, children can wear jogging bottoms, sweatshirts, tracksuits and trainers.

Children need to be appropriately dressed for P.E. All clothing should be plain - football kits / own clothing should not be worn.






The only type of jewellery allowed to be worn in school are earring studs and watches. 


Earrings must be removed for PE lessons, including swimming. Earrings must be removed by the pupil or by the parent before school. Staff are prohibited from removing earrings.


Watches can be worn to encourage children to learn to tell the time. The school cannot be responsible for loss or damage.