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Dudley Wood Primary School and Pre-School


Dudley Wood follow the Kinetic Letters handwriting programme. This is introduced in Nursery.  


Initially, children can find writing very tiring. The pressure of holding the pencil can make the wrist, arm and shoulder tense, which can be quite uncomfortable and consequently, some children do not enjoy writing.  


We have chosen to follow the Kinetic letters programme because it addresses the need for pupils to build their core strength in order to be successful with the mechanical process of writing. 


In EYFS, activities focus on building pupils’ core strength; they practise posture poses and develop gross and fine motor skills.  

In addition to the activities recommended by Kinetic letters, we supplement the building of the core strength with Dough Disco and Write Dance.  Our PE coach also targets this with our Nursery and Reception pupils, when he works with them each week.  


The Kinetic Letters programme introduces and practises letter formation in family groups (letters which require the same action in order to be formed). Letters are learnt from the outset with the joining flicks and begin to be joined from Year 2, this is developed throughout Year 3. 


As advocated by Kinetic Letters, pupils write in pencil until Year 5, when they progress to pen in preparation for high school.