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Internet Safety - YouTube

Dear Parents and Carers, 


I am writing to inform you about a popular YouTube channel that your child may be accessing, known as SML (SuperMarioLogan). SML is a channel that produces puppet shows, primarily featuring characters from the Super Mario video game franchise. While these shows may seem child-friendly at first glance due to their use of familiar characters, it's important to note that the content can often be inappropriate for younger viewers. The videos frequently contain mature themes, coarse language, and adult humor.

As always, we encourage parents and carers to monitor their children's online activity and to utilise parental controls where necessary. It's also beneficial to have open discussions with your children about what they watch online, helping them understand what content is appropriate for their age. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


I have attached a guide to being safe on YouTube. Let's work together to ensure a safe and positive online environment for our children. 


Mr Beacham