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Building works

Good afternoon,


Over the coming weeks, you will see builders on site, preparing for some building works. From the final week of this term and into the school holidays, the children's toilets in Years 1- Year 6 are being completely revamped. In order for the builders to complete the work for the start of the next academic year, they will need to take out the current toilets, cubicles, sinks etc. The builders have devised a plan to bring temporary toilets onto the school site for the final week (week beginning 15th July) of this half term. This does not impact on any part of our school life - the children will be able to access the temporary toilets as normal. Early Years will be unaffected.


As well as this, you may have seen our new fence, separating the car park and playground. A new intercom system and "mag-lock" system has been installed. This should be finished and ready to work on 12th July. 


We are currently working with contractors on plans to improve the Early Years areas and toilets. 


As you are probably aware, these are significant and necessary improvements in our school - we are extremely grateful to the Rivers Central Team for working with us to carry them out.  These projects are a significant investment for us but we know these will enhance our facilities and safety for the children. 


If you have any questions, please do ask. 


Mr Beacham