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Dear Year 6 Leavers 2020,


We are writing to you today to say thank you.


Each and every one of you brings something special to our school. This might be your academic ability, your sporting achievements, your creativity, your sense of humour or your amazing ability to care for those around you. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to teach you and to be part of your amazing journey through primary school. We are so proud of you all.


We are writing to you today to say good luck.


You may feel a little nervous about moving on but you must remember to believe in your own unique abilities; to realise that you are capable of achieving so much and to know that you are ready for new challenges.


All of the staff at Dudley Wood Primary School believe in you. We are ambitious for you all and wish you every success. We have taught you knowledge and skills; we have encouraged your independence; we have helped you to learn how to work together in collaboration; we have encouraged creativity and curiosity. But the one most important thing we hope you take with you from us all is: self-belief; self-confidence; and the courage to fly!


We are writing to you today to say goodbye.


As we say our final goodbyes, it is so important to celebrate your time at Dudley Wood, to acknowledge your time in these most unprecedented circumstances and to look to your time in the future with positivity and excitement. To that end I have written you a poem called, ‘Your Time’. It is your own special poem to keep for ever. We have sent you the poem but also the teachers have performed the poem for you, and at the end, you will see us all waving goodbye.


Please take a look on:


Take care, Year 6, stay safe and happy and make the most of every opportunity at secondary school and beyond.


Mrs Guest and all the staff at Dudley Wood Primary School.