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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!  Mr Warrington and Mrs Weaver are so excited to be moving up with you all.  We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you this year and finding out all about you.  Knowing each other will really help us in September as it will give us a head start and we will be able to hit the ground running! 


Although Year 6 will be hard work, we will have a lot of fun too.  Mrs Weaver will no doubt try to involve a few more owls in her lessons and Mr Warrington will certainly try to mention William Shakespeare a little more too!  


Mrs Hindmarsh is looking forward to meeting you all and Mrs Rickers will be joining you to teach English. 


We know if you work your very hardest you will all reach your full potential and achieve great things!  We are sure it will be a great year that will end with wonderful memories.  


Year 6 – BRING IT ON!