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World Book Day




World Book Day aims to help change children’s lives by making reading together and reading for pleasure a habit for life.


Reading for pleasure opens up a world of possibilities for children, allowing them to visit places and meet characters that would be impossible in the real world.


Sharing stories together for just ten minutes a day encourages a love of reading and it’s fun for everyone! To be able to read is amazing as it can be done anywhere and everywhere - from breakfast to bedtime! A book can be read in the park, in a car, or curled up on the sofa – reading and sharing stories can happen anywhere at any time.



Book Fair


We are thrilled to once again have the opportunity to have a book fair at Dudley Wood and we have implemented plans to help our fair run as safely as possible.


The fair will be in school from Wednesday 2nd March - Wednesday 9th March.  This year, to help keep everyone safe, we will not be opening the fair after school for families to browse the selection of books.  Instead, during the course of the week, each class will have a lesson with the book fair where they will share a story and explore the books.


Each child will be able to create a wish list of the titles that they would like to read which they can then share with you at home.  Once you have decided which books you would like to purchase an online payment system has been set up to avoid the need to send money into school.  This year, we would encourage families to purchase books from the book fair in this way.  Once you have made a payment online, the completed wish list should be returned to school and your child will be given the books they have bought.


Online orders must be placed before 4pm on Tuesday 8th March.


Below you can find a mini catalogue with a small selection of the books that will be in our fair along with an example of the wish list that your child will bring home during our book fair week.


The payment link and QR code will be accessible throughout our book fair.

Scholastic Book Fair payment link:


Dress Up Day

To help celebrate World Book Day, Dudley Wood are having a Dress Up Day on Thursday 3rd March


Throughout the day, the children will take part in a range of book related activities that should inspire and further develop the children's love of reading.  Each phase will have a different focus for the day.


  • EYFS - the children will immerse themselves in the world of Roger Hargreaves and the Mr Men and Little Miss books
  • Years 1 and 2 will spend the day enjoying a range of books by famous children's authors
  • Year 3 are time travelling with the Egyptians
  • Year 4 are being inspired by monsters appearing in their book The Nothing to See Here Hotel
  • Years 5 and 6 will enrol at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for 24 hours


We would love the children to dress up for the day.  They may decide to dress up as their favourite book character or create their own T-shirt emblazoned with a book quote, or even join in with the theme of their Year group.  We wonder how many Little Miss Sunshines and Mr Tickles there will be in Reception, or Hermione Grangers and Harry Potters in Year 5 will appear out of the floo network?