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School Closure Procedure


School closures happen because of an emergency like severe weather.


The safety of children and adults on both their journey to school and once in school is our main concern. We listen closely to the weather forecasts and traffic news throughout the day, although this is very changeable. We make an assessment of the site as soon as we can get to school and we start clearing pathways early in the morning. We also speak to staff to make sure that enough teachers can get into school to ensure the supervision and safety of your children.


Making a decision to close the school is never easy but will always be made as early as possible.


A decision to close the school will be announced on:


  • The school’s text messaging service – please note a high demand for the service can result in some texts not being delivered. To back this up, we now have a Twitter Feed. Please follow: @DWPSchool



  • The school’s telephone answering service – 01384 818690.




  • We do have a Facebook page and we will keep this up to date. Search for Dudley Wood Primary School.


Updated 29 January 2019