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Reading Scheme

Oxford Reading Tree

At Dudley Wood, we have recently invested in updating our reading scheme. Our main reading scheme is Oxford Reading Tree, but we do have other schemes which supplement this.  There are many strands to the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme, and our youngest pupils benefit from books which are linked to the phonics phase which they are working on, and all pupils experience a breadth of genres in both fiction and nonfiction. 

Our pupils work through the Oxford Reading Tree strands before moving onto the Tree Tops components in Key Stage 2.  We would anticipate a pupil who is at the expected standard to be reading specific levels by the end of each school year.






























Oxford Reading Buddy

As part of the recent update of our reading scheme, we will offer our pupils access to Oxford Reading Buddy (ORB).  This is an additional online element to Oxford Reading Tree that supplements the physical scheme.  The children can access virtual copies of their reading books, as well as further levelled texts, and challenge themselves with comprehension quizzes.  This informs both parents and teachers of their progress.  We encourage the children to access this on a weekly basis.


Home Reading

From Nursery, pupils are encouraged to choose a book to take home and share.  As they move into Reception, through to Year 6, children can take home 2 books each day – their school reading book (Oxford Reading Tree) and a free reader of their choice. 

Pupils may change their free reader when they like, although they will be guided in the frequency and their choice; the changing of school reading books is monitored. For our younger children, these will be changed by an adult, following their 1:1 reading session; for our older children, their books will be changed after a discussion about their reading.