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PCR Booking

The 3 classic covid-19 symptoms are:

  • a new, continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste


Anyone with the above symptoms must isolate (and their household) and arrange a PCR test.


Other symptoms which may be linked to covid-19 are:

  • headaches
  • sneezing
  • aches and pains tummy ache in children
  • sore throat
  • feeling very tired for no good reason
  • runny nose


Dudley Public Health advise anyone feeling generally unwell or with secondary symptoms to take a PCR test to check if it is covid-19 or seasonal illness.



How to book your PCR test:

If you have been asked to take a PCR test if you feel generally unwell or have secondary symptoms, you can only do this online.


You cannot book a test under these circumstances via 119 or your GP or by going to a test centre.

Visit the website:


When you are asked – Why are you asking for a test? Select – My local council or health protection team has asked me to get a test, even though I do not have symptoms.


When you get your PCR results please contact the school immediately using the out of hours number if necessary: 01384 818014