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Parent Consultations Autumn Term 2021

Parent Consultations in the Autumn Term 2021


Dear Parents,


It is with much regret that we are writing to tell you we will not be holding our Autumn Parents’ Evenings in school.


We have taken this decision in the best interest of the safety of our pupils, parents and staff.


In place of our usual parent consultation meetings, your child’s class teacher will call you and talk to you over the phone.


The conversation will focus on your child’s attitude to learning, progress with learning and academic targets for the year.


The telephone calls will be during the week beginning the 22 November.


I cannot be specific now about exactly when you will be called. We are not using a booking system, as it is our view that this will become complicated and difficult to manage. We will simply give you a call in the first instance. If you are not available, we will try again and if the time we call is inconvenient, we will arrange a more suitable time for you at that point.


As teachers may be making calls remotely, please be mindful that the incoming call may show as an unknown or private number. We apologise in advance if this causes any inconvenience.


Thank you for your full support and we look forward to planning face to face parents’ evenings in the Spring Term.


Kindest regards,


Mrs Guest, Headteacher