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We are delighted that you have chosen Dudley Wood Primary School Nursery for your child and would like to extend you a very warm welcome.


We look forward to meeting your child and we are sure they will quickly settle and flourish in our Nursery.


Here is a message for all our new children.


Hello Nursery, we are so excited to meet you all! We’ve got lots of exciting things for you to play with and explore to help you learn new things. Some of the things we do indoors are, role play in the home corner, build with construction toys like Lego and K’nex, make up stories with dinosaurs and animals, painting, sticking, dancing, reading and so much more. We also have a big garden for you to play in with balls, pushchairs, a water tray, a mud kitchen and climbing and building equipment too. 

See you soon for lots of fun and games Nursery! 


Mrs Chatha-Lally, Mrs Cox, Miss Male and Mrs Armstrong.