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Night Owls

Our New After School Childcare Service...


The wraparound childcare service is called Night Owls.


Night Owls runs from 3:10pm or 3:15pm (the end of you child's school day) to 5:30pm.


This session lasts up to a maximum of 2 hours and 15 minutes or 2 hours and 20 minutes.


Collections BEFORE 4:30 will be charged at £4.00 and are classed as an early pickup.


Collections AFTER 4:30 will be charged at £8.00 and are classed as a normal pickup.


Please ask the Night Owls staff to record your early pick up in order to take advantage of the discounted price.


Different activities will be planned throughout the week, and we hope to find the right balance between fun activities to engage the children, time to extend learning and enquiry, and room for them to rest and relax.


The online booking form is now closed as we prepare to transfer to ParentPay.

Please contact the school to make any bookings between now and 31st March.

Emergency bookings cannot be guaranteed, however please call to check availability.

Working parents who sign up for the Government Childcare Account can pay via this method.

This allows you to obtain TAX FREE childcare. Please see our website for details.

All Night Owls sessions start immediately after school and the last pickup time is 5:30.

Cost per full session is £8.00, there is an additional £10.00 surcharge for late pickups.


There is a discount of £4.00 for collection before 4.30.

 Please note if payments are not kept up-to-date, wrap around care may be refused.

Any problems please call or email for assistance during term time.