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New arrangements for PE from 14 Sep 2020

Friday 8th September 2020

New arrangements for PE from Monday 14th September


Dear Parents,


To reduce the amount of items in school and so that children no longer need to change in school, we ask that from now, children wear their PE kit rather than their uniform on their allocated days.


Children will need to wear their normal PE kit:

  • Black pumps or trainers
  • Shorts or tracksuit/joggers (dark colours please e.g. black, navy or grey)
  • Coloured T-shirt to match the child's house team and/or a long sleeved top e.g. a hoodie or a sweatshirt (dark colours please and strictly no football strips)


Chainmakers are red

Miners are green

Nailmakers are yellow

Navigators are blue


PE lessons will be taken both outdoors, when possible and while the weather permits, and in the school hall.


While we wait for our PE T-shirt stock to arrive, any plain T-shirt is acceptable (strictly no football strips).


If children forget to wear their PE kit on the allocated days, they will not be allowed to borrow PE kit and without PE kit, children may miss the lesson.


Nursery and Reception: Your child’s class teacher will inform you when PE lessons will begin.


Year 1 Class 1JD on a Wednesday

Year 1 Class 1H on a Friday

Year 2 has PE on a Monday

Year 3 has PE on a Tuesday

Year 4 has PE on a Wednesday

Year 5 has PE on a Thursday

Year 6 has PE on a Friday 


We have sent your child’s PE kit home with them today (Friday 8th September) so that we can begin our new arrangements on Monday 14th September.


We thank you for your support and understanding as we work together to make our school safer for all.



Kindest regards,


Mrs Sarah Guest, Headteacher and Mrs Marcia Leigh, PE Leader