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Work for children isolating at home

The work in the year group pencils is for the children who are isolating at home.  Class teachers will direct the children to the unit of work they want them to complete.


We look forward to seeing your work when we are back at school!  Don't forget that you can still e-mail any work that you do to school, just like last year.



  • Keeping children safe whilst online is so important.  Please look for the ‘Staying Safe Online’ star towards the bottom of this page, or visit our safeguarding website page for valuable advice and resources.


  • Please continue to share all of your hard work with your teachers - they are thoroughly enjoying seeing it.  Click here for details!


  • Keep yourself busy - click on the stars towards the bottom of this page for lots of exciting activities.


What is new?


  •  Miss Horton has created a new doodle challenge for you to all have a go at.  Visit the Art star at the bottom of the page for more details!
Why Do I Wash My Hands?  Click on the link below for a child friendly book explaining why we need to keep washing our hands and how to wash them really well.
Wonderful World

We may not be able to travel at the moment but you can learn about different countries through our Passport to the World Projects.


Your teachers have created these exciting projects for you to work on for a minimum of 1 hour per day.  By the end of a week, you should have completed 1 project. You will then work on a different project the following week.

Year Group Units of Work

Celebrity Online Lessons


Subject Teacher When Where
All curriculum subjects


Monday - Friday

BBC iPlayer

BBC2 (red button)


PE Joe Wicks

Monday, Wednesday and Friday


Music Mylene Klass Weekly YouTube
Art Rob Biddulph Weekly YouTube
Science Maddie Moate Weekly YouTube
Computing and science Dr Chips Weekly Dr Chip's website


Other Subject Areas

Your teachers have been busy finding lots of exciting activities for you to do at home to help make learning fun.  We have  provided links to some amazing websites below.


Although many of the activities are free, a few do incur a small charge which we have tried to indicate.


Always seek an adult's permission before signing up to any website.