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Learning at Home

The work in the Year Group Crayon is for the children to learn at home. 


Please click on the Year Group Crayon to open up the work.

Since publication, it has come to our attention that there are some links that no longer work. We apologise for this and we are attempting to correct the links.


  • Keeping children safe whilst online is so important.  Please look for the ‘Staying Safe Online’ star towards the bottom of this page, or visit our safeguarding website page for valuable advice and resources.


  • Keep yourself busy - click on the stars towards the bottom of this page for lots of exciting activities.



Year Group Units of Work

Rainbow Hour Activities


Dudley Wood Primary is proud to be part of the Black Country Rainbow Hour campaign.  The Black Country Rainbow Hour is a campaign which aims to provide all pupils across the Black Country with access to one hour of wellbeing and physical activity each day.


We would like all of our children and their families to commit to a daily hour of physical or mental well-being activities and we are launching our involvement today, in readiness for the half term break.  We have provided a Rainbow Hour Activity booklet in the rainbow below, which gives ideas of activities which can be done at home.  


We hope you have fun!

Music - Dudley Performing Arts

Although English and maths are important we know that your children also need to have lots of fun! Dudley Performing Arts has produced a series of video lessons to throw yourselves into. There are different activities for KS1 and KS2 children (and parents) to try out – they might be singing, vocal warm ups, body percussion, rhythm work or dance. Pots, pans, buckets and spoons can easily become drums when needed. Just click on the stars below to get started and you will find links to YouTube videos. Have fun!

Other Subject Areas

Your teachers have been busy finding lots of exciting activities for you to do at home to help make learning fun.  We have  provided links to some amazing websites below.


Although many of the activities are free, a few do incur a small charge which we have tried to indicate.


Always seek an adult's permission before signing up to any website.