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FSM food vouchers


Dear Parents,


Food Voucher Arrangements:


Dudley will be funding FSM vouchers for eligible pupils again for Easter 2023.


This will be at the slightly reduced amount of £10 per week per eligible child. The reduction is due to changes in the criteria for spending of the Household Support Fund Grant from April 2023. 


There are other ways families can apply for financial support including the Holiday Activity Programme, Dudley Citizens Advice and family Hubs. 


You will receive one voucher to the value of £20 per child (£10 per week for 2 weeks of the Easter holidays).


The vouchers will be issued by a company called Wonde through 


You will receive a text/email (or both) to say that you have been issued a voucher.


This should arrive from Friday 31 March 2023.


Please follow the instructions in the email or text to redeem your voucher.


In the event of any problems please do not contact the school, as the school is not in control of distributing the vouchers.

For more information visit:


Issued on behalf of Dudley Local Authority.

Holiday Activity Fun in Dudley (HAF)


The HAF programme operates during the Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays.


It provides fun activities free of charge for children eligible for FSM vouchers. 


Click below to find all the information you need to help keep your child happy and active during school holidays and to register for a place.