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Environmental Club

This year, as part of learning about the Sustainable Development Goals as part of our Curriculum, some Year 6 pupils have formed an environmental team. We are going to be working on various projects.



Our first project is to collect chocolate tubs (e.g. Roses, Celebrations, Quality Street, Heroes).


We are collecting the tubs and then taking them to a brewery chain, who will then sell them to a recycling plant. The money they receive will be donated to the Macmillan Cancer Support. A win-win for the environment and the charity! Each tub is worth 8p. It doesn’t sound a lot but if all the chocolate tubs that were bought over Christmas were donated, it is estimated that they could raise £400,000!


We would like you to send any tubs which you may have into school with your child.  Please ask family, friends and work colleagues, the more tubs we collect the better! 


The tubs must be clean and have the 5/PP logo           







Don’t worry, we’ve checked and the 4 major chocolate tubs are just what we want but we can also collect other tubs as long as they have that logo, for example cream cracker tubs or other sweet tubs.


Every week, members of the Team will visit each class and collect their tubs. A record will be kept of the number they have collected.  At the end of the month, we will total up the amount of tubs the classes have collected and the class with the most tubs will receive a prize!


The last date for all tubs to be brought into school is Wednesday 26th January.