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Home Learning Projects

Home Learning Projects

We are very excited to bring you a variety of Home Learning Projects.

As usual, your teachers have set a piece of English and mathematics work for you to complete each day but alongside this work, they have also created these exciting projects for you to work on.


The projects have a main focus such as designing a rollercoaster, creating a Mindful Monster, finding out about your family, putting on a performance.. and give you guidance on how to complete these things.

Then there are other associated tasks which you could complete alongside the main task.  A variety of prompt sheets or work sheets are provided - you can print these and work on them, or use them as a guide and work in your Home Learning book or on paper.

You currently have to stay at home and whilst that can be fun for a while, it can get a bit boring too.  Also, you need to keep learning which is why we set daily English and mathematics tasks, may want more to do and you may want something more creative.  These projects offer ideas which are fun, give you something structured to do and through which you will learn.
The projects are for everyone so if there is more than one pupil in your house, you can work on the same project at the same time.  You can work on your own, with a brother or sister, with a parent or as a family.
You can work on these projects whenever you want.  If you choose to complete the entire project you may spend some time each day for a whole week or two.  You may choose to spend a full day working on a main activity.  You may start more than one project at a time.  It is up to you!
Share the fun, share the learning!

We are missing you.  We would love to share the work you do on these projects, as well as any other English, mathematics or other activities that you are doing.  We want you to take lots of photos whilst you are completing the tasks and having fun, and of your final creations!

If possible, it would be great if you could keep your work and creations to bring into school when we return.  But until then, we would love you to share your work and photos with us via an e-mail address that we have set up specially.  This e-mail is to share work only...we cannot reply to you.


When we return to school we would love to display and celebrate the work you have completed at home.  We hope you enjoy working on these projects - remember be creative, try your best, produce work to the best of your ability, but most of all - have fun!

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When sending your work to school using the e-mail address above, could we ask you to write the child's name, class and the task completed in the subject bar so that we can share it with the correct members of staff.