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Back to school in September 2021

Back to school in September 2021


What is transition? Why is it important?


How are we ensuring it is successful again this year?


Transition = the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another


Successful transition relies on fostering communication between all stakeholders & developing shared understandings


At Dudley Wood Primary School, our prime concern is that our pupils feel safe and happy and therefore are ready to learn.


Following a year of disruption to learning, uncertainty and change, we have made a conscious decision to move some of our teachers to the next year group. This is to minimise further change for our pupils, to build on consistency and familiarity and to benefit from expert knowledge of the age-related curriculum. This means that some children will be moving up with their current teacher and all children will have familiar faces in their year group.


For those children not moving to the next year with their current teacher, we will ensure that there is time for them to meet their new teacher this term. We will also ensure that the first few days back in September focus on building positive relationships so that children settle quickly so that they are happy and ready to learn.


In the table below, you can find out which teacher each class will move to in September, then click on your child’s new year group door to open it and to see photos of the year group team and to read a welcome message.


Please also find time to look at the parent’s resource, ‘Back to Calm’ by Relax Kids. We introduced this resource to support your child’s transition back to school last year and we still love all the tips and ideas.


For children starting Nursery in September 2021, please follow this link for more information:


For children starting Reception in September 2021, please follow this link for more information:


To our Year 6 pupils, we wish you all the very best as you move to secondary school. Work hard, be happy and believe in yourself always!

Your new classes in September