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Meet the Staff Team

Meet the staff at our school for September 2018 to July 2019


 Mrs S Guest


 Assistant Headteachers:

 Mrs W Rickers, Curriculum Leader 

 Ms L Bowen, Inclusion Leader and SENCo

 Mr D Warrington, School Improvement Projects Leader


 In the Foundation Stage:

 Mrs A Smith, Foundation Stage Leader and Nursery Teacher in Nursery

 Mrs K Chatha-Lally, Nursery Teacher in Afternoon Nursery

 Mrs E Cox, Key Worker in Nursery

 Miss M Bayliss, Key Worker in Nursery


 Miss S Price, Teacher in RP

 Miss R Horton, Teacher in RH


 Miss A Male, Level 3 Teaching Assistant in RP

 Mrs S Cooper, Level 3 Teaching Assistant in RH

 Mrs G Evans, Level 3 Teaching Assistant in Foundation Stage 


 Teachers in Key Stage 1:

 Mr A Westwood, Key Stage 1 Leader and Teacher in 2W

 Mr J Parkes, Teacher in 2P

 Mrs H Hancox,Teacher in 1H

 Miss A Jones, Leader of Phonics & Spelling and Teacher in 1JD

 Miss J Danks, Teacher in 1JD


 Teachers in Key Stage 2 in Years 3 and 4:

 Mrs S Weaver, Leader of Years 3 and 4 and Teacher in 4W

 Mrs J Stevens, Teacher in 3S

 Mrs R Reed, Teacher in 3R

 Miss H Welch, Teacher in 4WH

 Mrs K Maskery, Leader of Parent Partnership and Teacher of Maths in Years 3 and 4


 Teachers in Key Stage 2 in Years 5 and 6:

 Mrs M Leigh, Leader of Years 5 and 6 and Teacher in Year 6

 Miss E Pardoe, Teacher in 6P

 Mr A Bennett, Teacher in 6B

 Mrs N German, Teacher in 5GC

 Mrs S Crouch, Teacher in 5GC

 Mr B Wall, Teacher in 5W

 Mrs K Maskery, Leader of Parent Partnership and Teacher of Maths in Year 5


 Cover Teachers and Specialist Teachers:

 Mrs V Crew, Cover Teacher and Specialist Maths Teacher

 Mrs L Gardiner, Cover Teacher and Specialist RE Teacher

 Mrs L Jones, Cover Teacher and Specialist SEND Teacher

 Mrs K Laming (National SENCo Qualification), Specialist Teacher of Speech, Language and

 Communication for the LLMAT

 Mr R Newell, Sportscoach

 Mrs S Wright, Teacher of Phonics and English

 Mrs Warrington, Cover Teacher

 Mr Matthew, Maths Tutor


 Teaching Assistants:

 Mrs R Darby, Higher Level Teaching Assistant in Key Stage 1

 Mrs T Cadman, Higher Level Teaching Assistant in Key Stage 2


 Mrs R Armstrong, Level 3 Teaching Assistant, Speech and Language Specialist


 Miss C Alliband, Level 3 Teaching Assistant

 Mrs L Basterfield, Level 3 Teaching Assistant

 Mrs M Biggs, Level 3 Teaching Assistant

 Mrs L Grantham, Level 3 Teaching Assistant

 Mrs K Hindmarsh, Level 3 Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Y Holmes, Level 3 Teaching Assistant

 Mrs E Morgan, Level 3 Teaching Assistant

 Mrs H Nash, Level 3 Teaching Assistant

 Mrs A Passey, Level 3 Teaching Assistant

 Mrs M Robins, Level 3 Teaching Assistant

 Mrs J Siviter, Level 3 Teaching Assistant

 Mrs P Willetts, Level 3 Teaching Assistant


 Miss J Williamson, Specialist SEND Practitioner


 Mrs M Sewell, Level 2 Teaching Assistant, supporting individual pupils


 In the Forest School:

Mrs G Evans, Forest School Leader

 In the School Office:

 Mrs A Royal, Business Manager

 Mrs J Taylor, Administrative Assistant

 Mrs J Hall, Administrative Assistant


 At Lunchtime:

 Mrs K Kirby, Midday Superintendent

 Mrs J Male, Midday Superintendent

 Miss N Cheslin, Midday Supervisor

 Mrs H Tomlinson, Midday Supervisor

 Mrs C Burgess, Midday Supervisor

 Mrs J Whittall, Midday Supervisor

 Mrs J Wooldridge, Midday Supervisor

 Mrs J Foster, Midday Supervisor

 Mrs C Fellows, Midday Supervisor

 Mrs D Malpass, Midday Supervisor and our Crossing Patrol Warden


 Site Management:

 Mr M Miller, Site Manager

 Mrs P Totney, Housekeeper

 Miss N Cheslin, Housekeeper

 Mrs J Nash, Cleaner

 Miss M Compton, Cleaner

 Mrs Alyson Taylor, Cleaner